Registration will open on Monday, 20-Nov, 2023@19:00CET.

Stay tuned for the registration start 🙂



6+ hours of workshops
entry to parties
option to compete

Early Bird (first 40 passes): 150€
Normal Bird (next 70 passes): 165€
Late Bird (until sold out): 180€


no workshops
entry to parties
option to compete

Early Bird (first 20 passes): 100€
Normal Bird (next 30 passes): 110€
Late Bird (until sold out): 120€


levelled + allstar only workshops
entry to parties
option to compete

* available free of charge for the first 6 leaders/followers (the following tickets cost 70€ pp.)
* we will ask you to judge some competition divisions

Up to 6 leaders/followers: 0€

We are offering you a diverse variety of learning options during the 2024 #springthingwcs! You can get all the information you need about pass types, intensives, etc. under the “Passes” tab.


Process of registration:
  1. Days before registration starts: In case you don’t have one already, register an account on Get informed about our workshop levels.
  2. Days before registration starts: Read the ‘Important notes regarding registrations‘ thoroughly, so you are ready to go.
  3. When registration starts: Book your ticket under the registration link (on top of this page) – or let your registration partner do it 🙂
  4. Immediately after you submitted your registration: You’ll receive an email confirming that we have successfully received your registration
  5. After we manually processed your registration: You’ll receive another email, that will either say your place is secured for this year’s #springthingwcs, or your registration is currently placed on the waiting list. You can expect a response within max. 24-48 hours.
NOTE: the status of your registration can be checked at any time in your danceapp account.
IMPORTANT: do not book flights / accommodation until your place is secured!


Important notes regarding registrations:

  • in order to register, you’ll need to have an account on If you haven’t already, sign up as soon as you can, way before the registration starts
  • the payment for your pass has to be settled within 14 days from your acceptance to the event
  • we can only confirm couple registrations without being placed on the waiting list, thus we encourage you to sign up with a partner
  • couples have to register for the same pass type (Full or Party Pass), however Full Pass registrants can apply for different workshop levels
  • IMPORTANT: ONLY ONE DANCER FROM THE COUPLE HAS TO REGISTER, choosing the partner’s name in the process.
  • IMPORTANT: BOTH DANCERS FROM THE COUPLE NEED TO HAVE A DANCEAPP ACCOUNT, so the registering partner simply choses the other dancer’s account during the registration process
  • both dancers will get email notifications, and payment can be settled separately
  • UPDATE 16.11.2023: if one of the dancers DON’T HAVE A DANCEAPP ACCOUNT, it will still be easy to sign up. The “Combined Registration” option will have to be chosen on the registration form. The partner who DOES have a danceapp-account will need to register the couple by adding the necessary data of the partner manually (name, date of birth, country and – if applicable – WSDC ID). If you register like this, all email communication from us will go to the person who registered the couple.
  • solo registrations will be placed on the waiting list until we match them up with a registration for the opposite role / manage role balance. We will do our best to let you in, however you can help it by having a friend who is registering later adding your name – you get in automatically then 🙂 (unless the event is sold out by then)
  • if you have a free pass, you also need to register, but you don’t need a registration partner to do so (but we sure appreciate if you get one 🙂 )
  • free pass holders have guaranteed place in the event, even with single registration!
  • free passes are a party passes, and can be upraded to full passes. Write a comment in the registration form during the registration or write us later if you wish to upgrade. The price to upgrade: 50€ (the difference between the early bird Party Pass and Full Pass).
  • All-Stars have to choose the Full Pass option, making sure your provide your WSDC number (if it is not already in the system)
  • All-Stars can only register as single dancers, no couple registration is possible!
  • your ticket price will be adjusted during the processing of your registration – we see you are an All-Star 🙂


Group of dancers living in the same country are eligible for a discounted price for Full Passes.


  • groups of at least 10 dancers get a 10% discount of their Full Pass
  • group registrations will be handled with the event-wide policy – couple registrations enjoy priority over individual ones
  • payment can be settled by the group leader or can be transferred directly by the participant
  • Party Passes and free passes (including free All-Star registrations) cannot be part of the group and will be considered separate registrations
  • international groups (groups containing people living in different countries) are not permitted. In case we see such group setups, we reserve the right to withdraw the discount from the entire group

Procedure of registration:

  • the group leaders have your country’s discount code – they shall share that with the group members (if you would like to form a group and you don’t yet have a discount code, don’t hesitate to contact us!)
  • group members will register individually via the link above, adding the discount code to the registration form
Note: the group discount will be automatically applied. In case, by the time of the event the group contains less than 10 dancers, the amount of the discount will have to be paid at the door individually.

Organizing groups is hard work! We appreciate the work of group leaders! If you help 10 people (not including you) to get group discount in the  group, you get your pass with 50% discount. If you help more than 20 people (not including you) to benefit from the discount, your pass is 100% on us.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel before 01/01/2024, 75% of ticket price refunded – cancel before 15/02/2024 50% of ticket price refunded – no refund can be given after 15/02/2024. Any refunds will be the amount paid minus any bank transfer fees we incur. If you find the cancellation too costly, you can transfer your ticket to another dancer. If you are a leader, you can only find a leader to substitute. If you are a follower, you can find either a leader, or a follower to substitute. Finding a substitute can only be done in an acceptable way in no abusing manner, otherwise we refuse to accept the registration transfer.