One of Westie Spring Thing’s main missions is to provide quality instruction for all participants. Here we go!

This year we are offering not less than FOUR workshop levels! Pick your level, to higher your game the best you can.


(Recommended for JnJ level: Newcomer&Novice)

You know the basics of West Coast Swing, your next step is to improve your technique. You need more pattern variations and footwork. You favor when teachers explain lead and follow of new movement variations in detail. You need inspiration for additional styling elements and musicality.


(Recommended for JnJ level: Novice)

You are confident in lead and follow, your basics are solid, you work with a wide variety of footwork variations and complex patterns. You social dance with dancers from any level with ease. Your next step is to improve your style, fine tune your technique and acquire a deeper understanding of the mechanics of West Coast Swing.


(Required JnJ level: Novice with 10+ points or audition) 

You are an experienced dancer, you have attended several international events as well as participated in numerous competitions. You can bring the maximum out of your partner of any level with your advanced lead and follow skills. Your aim in classes is to widen your advanced styling base, deepen musical understanding and further develop your technique. You want to use all of these to develop your own style.


(Required JnJ level: Intermediate with 20+ points or audition) 

You are hardcore! You are a regular competitor and you’re seeking for inputs to higher your game. You regularly attend international events, and you are not afraid of a class that pushes your limits. Expect quick pace of tuition on this level.

Are you an experienced dancer who doesn’t feel like competing or doesn’t get to many events? We acknowledge that and of course give you opportunity to audition for levels Tulip or Rose if you feel like the competition levels do not reflect your actual level! The decision of the teachers at the audition is final.